Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (H.V.A.C.)


Commercial and light industrial HVAC requires careful consideration as each facility and building is unique. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in all types of installations including packaged rooftop heating and air conditioning units, water source heat pumps, ductless or mini split systems as well as large build up air conditioning equipment. Our commercial installations include: shopping malls, office buildings and towers, manufacturing spaces, schools, restaurants and more. Modern commercial & light industrial HVAC requires more expertise than equipment of the past. The equipment needs to heat and cool large areas and are often set up as multi zone systems utilizing variable speed fans and computerized control systems. These key differences are why you need to hire a qualified and certified service technician. The technicians at Coldshot Refrigeration & HVAC Services Inc., have the experience and the credentials to get the job done right.

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